Hi! I'm Steph:

After working as CEO of Life Is Now, Inc, for the last 7 years, I've been under the hood of hundreds of businesses, reviewed countless marketing campaigns, taught numerous leadership workshops, advised on organizational issues, supported with the hiring (and firing) of team members, and assisted with really tough situations and decisions that can often paralyze business growth.

What I've learned to be true for every single one of the businesses I've worked with is that it all starts with the founder. Whether it's down sizing and focusing on what lights them up, helping them build a strong foundation in which to grow and scale, or assisting with the creation of an entirely new business idea, I work with founders, as their strategic advisor, to help them craft their next evolution.

My History:

I'm a teacher at heart.

My first business began as a passion project born out of a personal health crisis. When my daughter, Bailey, was born with a mysterious illness, conventional medicine offered us no answers. Through tireless research, I uncovered nutritional changes that resolved her symptoms. I knew if my child had suffered needlessly, so must many others.

So I left my career, got a Master's Degree, and opened a health practice to share my knowledge. As the business grew exponentially, I fell in love with entrepreneurship.

After selling my business, I joined forces with a prominent business coach. Over 15 years I worked in every role – from sales and curriculum development to client support, marketing, and event management. For the past 7 years I've served as CEO, leading my own team while helping hundreds of business owners strategically grow.

Now, I've stepped back to work more intimately with a handful of founders as their strategic advisor. With expertise across leadership, sales, marketing, and operations, I'm ready to help you evolve to the next level.

My approach stems from over a decade immersed within growing companies of all sizes and industries. My breadth of experience allows me to quickly grasp complex dynamics and provide targeted recommendations that drive tangible results.

My clients tell me that I'm great at simplifying the complex challenges they face, so they can get the clarity they need to make decisions from a place of confidence.

I understands the thrills of growth and responsibilities you carry. My superpower is guiding you to design and lead the company that aligns with your vision for success.

My Personal Passions:

Outside of work, I'm an adventurer.

Now that my two daughters, Bailey and Emma are grown, my husband, Brandon, and I spend every moment possible traveling to new places.

We love to take our dog, Jack, hiking off the beaten path, constantly putting ourselves in the way of beauty.

Our beloved Airstream, Wanda, allows us to travel all over the United States while staying connected by a strong internet connection.

I also have a passion for music and great food and am happiest when I'm meeting with clients virtually while in a location that's yet to be explored.

I find inspiration in new places and perspectives and it fuels my approach to business.

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